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Bec Susan Gill
Bec Susan GillCo-Founder and Marketing Director
Bec Susan Gill leads public outreach for digital and traditional media. Bec plays a critical role is ensuring all messages communicate even the most complex ideas in a clear and accessible way, and bringing exciting science to the mass media. She has honed her skills working with brands such as FoxNews, Microsoft, Facebook, MasterCard, and Pearson English, as well as managing press for non-profits, including the World Health Organization and Unicef.
Wandy Felicita Ortiz
Wandy Felicita OrtizCommunications Manager
Wandy Felicita Ortiz is a digital communications expert and journalist with a background in editorial, marketing and publicity from media outlets and publishing houses including Huffington Post, The New Yorker, Penguin Random House, and HarperCollins. Formally trained in interpretation and translation in three languages, Wandy Felicita oversees all international press and copywriting, ensuring that the influential reach of science transcends all barriers.
Simone Kisiel
Simone KisielDirector of Photography | Video Editor
Simone is an accomplished filmmaker with a background in directing, producing, and editing. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, her films have gone on to win multiple accolades from festivals such as the Manhattan Film Festival, Miami Web Fest and the Big Apple Film Festival.
Yohana Yoshe
Yohana YosheManager of Operations
Yohana oversees the business administration and day-to-day operations of Reagency, making sure everyone gets paid and our equipment and studio time is booked. With over a decade experience in finance and administration, she takes takes great pleasure in making sure the numbers balance. Beyond the scope of her own influence on ReAgency’s reach in the field of STEM education, Yohana also dedicates her own personal talents and resources to building better education for younger generations as an essential part of our future.
Lyndal Rowlands
Lyndal Rowlands Environment and Health Journalist
Lyndal Rowlands has, as a journalist, covered science and health from the United Nations in New York, Uganda, Timor-Leste and Australia. Her writing has been published by Al Jazeera,, Inter Press Service and Surgical News, as well as internationally syndicated. She has reported on antimicrobial resistance, reproductive health, climate change and oceans. Lyndal also provides strategic communications for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.
Shane Gill
Shane GillDigital Designer
Shane is a graphic designer and branding strategist who specialises in engineering and manufacturing work. He prides himself on his excellent client communications, as well as his ability to design professional logos and websites that are highly attuned to a company’s vision and mission.
Dave Stishan
Dave StishanCopywriter
Dave is our screenwriter/copywriter extraordinaire. As a true ‘outside of the box thinker’ – Dave has written sparkling creative copy for global brands like Grolsh and Procter & Gamble. Outside of Reagency, his plays have been produced in theaters in NYC, Virginia and Georgia.
Gabriella Vetrano
Gabriella VetranoCommunications Assistant
Gabriella is our communications assistant, writing press releases and collaborating on outreach to promote our clientele’s work. In addition to her role with ReAgency, she’s also worked with SciQ, The Young Turks science show, and with the New York Hall of Science as an Associate Producer. Gabriella is currently in the Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter College, where she is pursuing a career in STEM.
Emelye Lovell
Emelye Lovell Digital Designer
Emelye, qualified in advertising and marketing communications, was Director at Australia’s iconic emotion-based branding agency, Bellman, before joining us at ReAgency. She has worked with US and Australian science and healthcare brands like The Tyler Prize, Western Health, Australian Unity, and the Primary Health Network to rediscover their warmth, re-establish their audience connections, and reignite their brand loyalty.
Genesis Moran
Genesis Moran Video Editor
Genesis brings to the table the passion of someone who lives for the Art of Science, and the Science of Art. From the New York Hall of Science’s Explainer TV Associate Producer’s Program, most of her work here at ReAgency is in the field of video editing. Genesis uses her background in New Media Arts and Dramatic Writing to create awe-inspiring videos and enact social change through her work.
Ingrid Nin
Ingrid NinAssociate Producer
Ingrid Nin comes to ReAgency with expert knowledge in Film and Media Production from the City College of New York, with a primary focus on editing ReAgency projects. In addition to video editing, Ingrid also aids in the production process with skills in camerawork, lighting, and sound. An Associate Producer at the New York Hall of Science as well, Ingrid brings cutting edge professionalism and style to every project.
Kevin Cunningham
Kevin CunninghamVideo Editor
Kevin is our primary video editor and has a knack for piecing together clear and visually engaging productions. Currently studying film at Hunter College, his ability to weave together footage and overlays is what makes him stand out. Kevin’s forte is in STEM production, as he works with both our SciQ science channel and was an Associate Producer for the New York Hall of Science.
Lesley Pauli
Lesley Pauli Video Editor
Lesley Pauli, a long-time lover of film editing, has worked as both editor and producer for clients including the Museum of Modern Art and the New York Hall of Science. Currently with SciQ, the science channel of The Young Turks news network, Lesley enjoys collaborating on a variation of projects and science topics to develop her expertise within the field and fulfill her filmmaking aspirations.
Lisa Meixner McCullough
Lisa Meixner McCullough Public Relations Associate
Lisa Meixner McCullough’s primary responsibility is management of social media platforms for ReAgency clients. She also works on set for ReAgency and SciQ projects to promote message clarity and video quality. Lisa comes from Cornell University with backgrounds in theatre and biology, where her personal scientific research explores the impact of the performing arts on children’s brain function, development, and resilience to mental disorders.
Randy Olson
Randy OlsonStory Consultant
Randy is a scientist-turned-filmmaker who specializes in communicating science to the general public. Having received a PhD in Biology from Harvard University, he left his tenured professorship at the University of New Hampshire to study filmmaking at UCLA, and then went on to write best-selling novels Don’t Be Such A Scientist and Houston, We Have A Narrative. Randy developed Story Circles, a training regime that helps scientists adopt a narrative way of thinking, as well as the powerful ABT structure – also known as the ‘DNA of story’.