Jayde Lovell – Selling Science 2018-12-05T23:52:33+00:00

“Science is an idea, in a marketplace of ideas.
And like anything in a marketplace – science needs to be marketed.”

The official line: I’m a neuroscientist turned marketer. I am the host of ScIQ, the science show on TYT Network, based at YouTube Studios in New York City. I am also the science correspondent for The Young Turks and the New York Hall of Science, as well as the CEO of ReAgency, the only science marketing agency in the US.

The bottom line: I love science. I believe science should play a greater role in decision making and public policy. Just think about it – if we make decisions based on facts – we’re going to get good decisions. This might seem obvious, but we live in a world where most policies are made not based on the best data – but by the best politicians, marketers and salespeople. If we want science to play a role in the world, we need to sell it.

Contact: bec@tytnetwork.com