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Project Description

Client The Young Turks Network

Service Video Production + Influencer Partnerships + PR

The Young Turks (the world’s largest online news network) wanted to tell the story of one of their key executive’s battle with a rare heart condition. We were contracted to produce a two-part video that communicated this complex issue in a clear and accessible way, with a focus on reaching out to influencers in the heart health space.

We worked with Weill Cornell Medical College to bring several of the world’s leading stem cell researchers together at the YouTube Spaces Studios in downtown New York – and arranged for them to be interviewed by TYT host, Cenk Uygur. The two final videos, ‘Why TYT Cares About Stem Cell Research’ and ‘Stem Cell Research: At TYT It’s Personal’ (also featuring Jayde Lovell) were widely praised some of the most easy to understand and penetrating mainstream discussions of current research.