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Broader Impacts 2017-10-31T05:57:29+00:00

Each year, the National Science Foundation (NSF) receives about 50,000 proposals for funding. Because there are many more worthy proposals than NSF is able to fund, the foundation distinguishes among them with two criteria: Intellectual merit and broader impacts.

Broader impacts are seen as critical to science, and should not be just an add-on or afterthought to a proposal. 

But creating a successful ‘broader impacts’ proposal can be challenging. Unsure of what to write, many scientists simply state that they will publish the results of their research – a response that almost certainly means their research will not get funded. 

It is critical that your ‘broader impacts’ are as impressive as the intellectual merit of your work. ReAgency has helped dozens of scientists write their ‘Broader Impacts’ proposals via our online Broader Impacts Tool, as well as partnering to implement robust communications and engagement programs around our work. 

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