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g’day everyone!

I’m a professional Australian, now marooned in The New World.

As a trained scientist (neuroscience was my jam) – I’m shocked that people don’t believe in ‘facts’. I will gladly rant about science denialism, effective science communication, science narrative, and science marketing for as long as any folk’ll have me.

I’ve dropped truthbombs on stage at The United Nations (you may have heard of it? Don’t think our President has), Google, US Department of Agriculture, NASA, Harvard University, Yale University, New York University (okay let’s just say a whole bunch of universities), the Smithsonian, New York Hall of Science and a bunch of other places overseas that I won’t try and spell.

I love me a good panel convo. I’ve spoken at some top notch places like the Paley Center for Media, YouTube Space, the New York Academy of Sciences, StreamCon, The Content Council and Maker Faire.

Have you got something brewing you’d like to get me in on? Drop my manager bec@reagencylab.com a line.

Cheers, mates!